Sports Skirts Revolution works hard for you. Every thread, stitch and contour has been engineered with your comfort in mind. But comfort is not enough. That is why all Sporty Skirts Revolution garments use the most hard-working fabrics that keep you cool when your body temperature rises and dry when you are working up a sweat. You deserve sports wear without compromise. High performance, great support, dynamic looks and effortless comfort - exactly what you get in our range of skirts and tops.

The Fabric:
The Meryl Actisystem is the latest innovation in textile fibers, designed to meet the demands of both the athletic and leisure activities while maintaining the natural balance of body comfort because the fabrics are ultra breathable and fast drying and possess excellent moisture management properties, which quickly wick moisture away from the body.
This means our fabric is light weight, soft and delicate and provides comfort and freedom of movement. It is both functional and stylish with excellent moisture management properties.
It breathes and is easy to care for while also being engineered for performance. Although it feels like cotton it is much stronger and very tear-proof and shape retaining. It is made with cutting-edge technology that integrates silver ions directly into the yarn. This facilitates UVA and UVB protection and moisture wicking.

Our garments are also extremely light weight and possess elasticity properties, which allow for great comfort and freedom of movement. When you buy our products you will experience the following performance features of the innovative Meryl Actisystem:

Moisture Management:
Meryl’s high performance fibers are the building blocks for exceptionally fast-drying properties, with greater ability to wick moisture away from the skin. Fabrics made with Meryl microfiber allow active consumers to stay drier for longer and more comfortable.

Ultraviolet Protection:
Meryl fibers eliminate UVA and UVB rays that are harmful to the skin. Meryl Actisystem guarantees an optimal level of defense compared to most common natural and synthetic fibers.

Natural Look and Feel:
Meryl fibers provide incredible softness and comfort, but maintain the natural touch and look.

Comfort and Stretch:
For ultimate performance, athletes must be able to move without restraint. Our skirts and tops made from Meryl Actisystem enhance stretch to a surprising degree, allowing for total freedom of movement and maximum comfort.
Our fabric is imported from Europe and offers refined, high quality ranges of circular knitted elasticized fabrics designed for the production of sports and leisure wear.
This stretch effect fabric has a soft, enveloping touch that moulds the body and ensures optimal freedom of movement. It allows sweat to evaporate quickly and has a high degree of breathability and optimal resistance to the UV rays (UPF 50+). The 5DE4 black line is colour-fast and can be combine with lighter colours, even white with no problem. The presence of Black Lycra, the innovative original black fiber, ensures greater colour intensity even after numerous colour washes.

The fabric composition is made up of 91% Polyamide and 9% Elastane.

Its features include:

• UV Protection – A fabrics ability to offer high protection from UV rays. (UPF50+ is the maximum valuable obtainable)
• Pilling – Fabric that is always smooth and pleasant to touch. Tests demonstrate that it resists to abrasions and pilling.
• Quick Drying – Fabric that dries quickly, removing the unpleasant wet sensation on the skin, avoiding irritating rubbing.
• Moisture Management – Transfers perspiration away from the skin.
• Ultra Chlorine – Fabric that is considerably resistant to attack by active chlorine.
• Perfect Fit – The fabric elasticity moulds to the body without being constricting, allowing the best freedom in movement.
• Two-Way Stretch – Fabric with stretch properties in both directions.